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Netapp Harvest and Grafana


I have Netapp Harvest in combination with Graphite running on a docker instance with Grafana. Question/Issue is in the Harvest imported dashboards dropdowns it does not show the system names or any of the individual items such as LIF or volume names per say. How do I fix this? Please see attached. I have two clusters in which are visible via netapp-worker verbose status. 


Re: Netapp Harvest and Grafana


Hi all,


I assume this is Harvest 1.6 - right ? Did you run this before in a non container setup ?

Would be great to start a poller in debug mode with the -v option fro at least a few minutes. See the Installation
and Adim Guide how to do this. Please send the logfile directly to me:


Georg Mey

Re: Netapp Harvest and Grafana


Hello @Goebel ,


Were you able to find an answer for your question. if yes you mind sharing the answer here?

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