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harvest 1.6 disable http for graphite


Does anybody know who to disable http on harvest 1.6, specifically this:


Graphite (graphite-web and carbon-cache)Open a web browser and browse to your Graphite server (http://IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOSTNAME:81) and youshould see a screen that looks like this


we need to remove that. thanks. 




Can you be more specific, what is the issue exactly ?


If you disable http for graphite, it makes it pretty much useless, since Grafana cannot connect anymore and display the metrics



this is the issue:

The Web server uses plain-text form based authentication. A web page exists on the target host which uses an HTML login form. This data is sent from the client to the server in plain-text.


we need to resolve this, if we can. Thanks. 



Strictly speaking, Harvest doesn't talk through HTTP with graphite, it talks on port 2003 usually with the carbon sub component.


Grafana and Graphite HTTP is not in harvest scope (except when Harvest injects dashboards)


Are you talking about Harvest or NAbox ?

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