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Netapp Management Console Date ranges available


I must have missed something in the configuration somewhere.  I am trying to use Netapp Mangement Console to view the Volume Latency on a particular Filer.

I found what I wanted but I wanted to look back a month to see some historical data.  No matter what I choose in the date range I only can get a max of 7 days worth of data.

The graphs that it produces is exactly what I want but it just does not go back far enough.  So where do I configure the data retention at?


Re: Netapp Management Console Date ranges available



    By default the retention for most data in PA is 1yr except for some lun counter which is a week. Pls refer the following section in the TR to find what is the current retention and how to modify the same.

Section 14 DataCollection Page 69.

TR 4090 - Performance Advisor Features and Diagnosis:OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0/ 5.1 Operating in 7-Mode



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