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OnCommand Unified Manager Host Package 1.3


Hello everybody,

I have a few customers who are using OnCommand Unified Manager Host Package instead of the VSC or SMVI for the backup of their virtual machines.  The solution itself is fantastic as it is very easy to create and manage the SnapVault/SnapMirror relationships of datastores.  However,  vSphere 5.1 will only will be supported starting from the release of Host Package version 1.3.  vSphere 5.1 has been released for a few months now, but the release of a new version of the Host Package does not seem to be on NetApp's agenda.

I have asked the partner helpdesk about an estimated release date, but they could only give me the answer that it will be released somewhere in 2013.  Nonetheless it is great to know they are working on it, it would be great to have a more precise indication of when it will be released.

Someone any idea about the release date of the new version?



Re: OnCommand Unified Manager Host Package 1.3


Hi Rein,

     I wont be able to give you the release date in the public community. Pls reach out to your Sales Team or Product Manager. As you heard, vSphere 5.1 is being supported with the next version of OnCommand HostPackage that is to be released this year.



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