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Netapp traps and Monitoring.


Hi I'm a total newbie to netapps and am a consultant working with CA Spectrum to monitor the Netapp devices which have been configured by a 3rd party.

I have discovered the Netapp devices FAS6210 with ontap 8.1 - I have the Netapp Mib imported in my management station and i currently have 161 traps which i can alarm on.

Firstly i'd like to check this is an upto date MIB as i cannot find a MIB here on this site to compare with the one i downloaded from oidview looking at the manuals there should be but i cannot find it if anyone could assist.

Secondly there are other things i have a requirement to monitor such as aggrStatus and aggrState which i cannot see traps for in the MIB so i want to confirm that the netapp devices don't send out traps for these state changes ? Other wise i have to write watches to monitor these attributes.

Any assistance most welcome, thanks.



Hi Andy,

Have you tried copying the SNMP mib's from the actual appliance at all and seeing if that gives you any more traps etc.. From memory think the MIB is tucked away under the ONTAP etc$ directory.

I have tried something similar previously importing the SNMP MIB's into another app and found that it couldnt beat NetApp DFM Ops manager at the time..

Good Luck.



Thanks Martin, thats got me on the right track, i have a few more questions tho if you can help, in the management documentation it states ..

• Do not set traps on tabular data.

It is possible to set traps on row entries in a sequence—for example, an entry in a table. However,

if the order in the table is changed by adding or removing rows, you will no longer be trapping

the same numeric variables.

So don't set traps on tabular data .. but sometimes you can !

So in my example of wanting to trap on aggrStatus (which is listed in traps.dat) if i query the oid i get a table with 2 instances both saying online.

So my variable should work if i use trigger = change-trigger then if any of the instances change state i should get a trap ?

For Another one i want to trap if im using 90% of cifMaxconnections

I can query cifsMaxConnections = 730400

Can this be achieved ? (there doesn't seem to be a cifsCurrentConnections attribute available)



The options for the aggr trigger look ok, but the aggr status maybe a different trap.. The Aggr can be marked as Online, Offline, Degraded, not sure if this trap for it or not, so I would check that.

if the aggr-status is to do with utilization thresholds, you may have to set a value, but the variable should work.

CIFS connections - hmm could you CIFS Sessions if that has a trap.. CIFS Sessions can be run from the CLI, so would have hoped it would be in the MIB?