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No option to create Storage System Groups in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x


In Operations Manager 5.2 we had the ability to create and manage groups of storage systems.  Operations Manager was designed around the concept of groups.


The concept of groups is no longer an option in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x.


We have a large NetApp environment where systems are regionalized.  The group concept allowed us to display information about a specific group of systems by

geographic location, operating system version, and storage system platform.  It also allowed us to organize them into smaller groups to manage our storage systems more effectively.


With group access control, the administrator was only authorized to view and perform actions only on the objects of the groups specified.


Is there anything on the OCUM roadmap to restore the group concept functionality?  Perhaps a POC at the OCUM developer level were we can make a recommendation.









Group option has been introduced from Unified Manager 6.2 onwards. Group funtion are of two types:


1. Annotation - a method to tag storage objects by tagging them to a specific type - used for:



     a.  understanding storage layout; and

     b.  for context specific reporting - where annoations are exposed as DB views for eclipse tool to consume annotated (tagged objects) definitions for context specific reporting.


2. Groups - logicaly aggregaing objects for performing a certain action on them.


The best part is, they (annotations and groups) are rule based so anything; any storage object that matches the rule definitions becomes part of the logical entity dynamically!


And if you still want to tag objects manually, you can still annotate them manually from OnCommand Unified Manager 6.4.


Please look into some of the feature videos on our Netapp channel:


https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdXI3bZJEw7mp3jFSg0IJgo3oeDQRY-Gl or the documentation, here:


















I was able to create Groups - logicaly using the Manage Group feature and add the rules for the objects I needed.

It is not pretty, but it will do for now.  I wish there was a way to create a hierarchical group view for example:


- Americas

   - Boston

       - cluster 1 object

   - New York

       - cluster 2 object


- Europe

    - England

         - cluster 3 object

    - Germany

         - cluster 4 object


Hopefully some additional improvements will be available down the road.


There is also some mention in Unified Manager 6.4 that objects can be added to the Favorites dashboard.  I will look into that to see if the group object can be added. 


Thank you for the quick response on this.  The information provided was very helpful. 





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