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No response recieved message from unified command manager


I have isue with response from unified command manager 6.2.x, SSL connection is getting created. XML request is being sent succesfully, but in response nothing is coming. it gives "No response recieved". use NaServer; use NaElement; $server_Name="xxxxxx"; $ser_Type="OCUM"; #$ser_Type="DFM"; $transpt_Type="HTTPS"; $username="xxxxx"; $password="xxxx"; $s = NaServer->new($server_Name, 1, 0); $s->set_server_type($ser_Type); $s->set_transport_type($transpt_Type); $s->set_port(443); $s->set_style('LOGIN'); $s->set_admin_user($username, $password); $s->set_debug_style("NA_PRINT_DONT_PARSE"); $s->set_timeout(120); $out = $s->invoke("system-about"); #$out = $s->invoke("disk-info"); if ($out->results_errno != 0) { my $r = $out->results_reason(); print "Failed: $r\n"; ------------- XML requerst sent and in response "No resonse recieved" INPUT: Failed: No response received i drill down more and found http ok response not coming. HTTP/1.1 200 OK can you please help me what could be the reason thatswhy "No resonse is coming" .

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