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Performance Manager 2.0RC1 unable to configure connection to Unified Manager 6.3RC1


When trying to configure the Unified Manager connection on Performance Manager 2.0RC1 VMware appliance to a Unified Manager 6.3RC1 VMware appliance it returns an error connection refused. Both VMs are on the same subnet and able to ping each other by hostname and DNS with no issues. According to the compatibility matrix 6.3 and 2.0 work together. Both interfaces are working fine on their own and monitoring the cluster, but I can't get PM to talk to UM.



OnCommand Performance Manager Maintenance Console

Version : 2.0.0RC1
System ID : ac18d2e2-6914-4d2f-ae54-7938e352cce6
Status : Running

Main Menu
1 ) Upgrade (Disabled. Must be run on virtual machine console.)
2 ) Network Configuration
3 ) System Configuration
4 ) Support/Diagnostics
5 ) Unified Manager Connection
6 ) External Data Provider
7 ) Backup/Restore

x ) Exit

Enter your choice: 5

Unified Manager Connection Menu
1 ) Display Unified Manager Server Connection
2 ) Add / Modify Unified Manager Server Connection
3 ) Delete Unified Manager Server Connection

b ) Back
x ) Exit

Enter your choice: 2

Current Unified Manager Connection Settings:
Unified Manager server name or IP =
Unified Manager server port = 443
Event publisher user name =
Event publisher password =

Do you wish to continue? (y/n):y

Unified Manager Server Name or IP :
Unified Manager Server Port : 443

Retrieving certificate info from host:

Error: Connection refused

Do you want to reset existing connection? (y/n):



We found the issue, turns out our Networking team assigned our Unified Manager IP to another server as well. Once we corrected the IP and DNS it registered with no issues.



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Hi James, what is the local user name you have setup in Unified Manager as the event publisher role and is this user setup in your performance manager - Unified Manager Connection ?


The user is "performance_monitor" and it has the role of "Event Publisher" as per all the documentation, the issue is when you try to fill out the wizard via SSH or console (as seen in the text from my original message) it never asks for a username and password. It just asks for the IP and port and then gives a connection refused when trying to retrieve the SSL cert.




looks like you have the Unified Mnager Connection settings and event publisher user created. So if we look at the connection refused section - Can you https://<unified manager ip> and view the certificate, what is the subject Alternate Name ?


Both the performance manager and unified manager have certs issued from our internal CA infrastructure. The SAN on both has the host name, FQDN, and IP address of the server and both can successfully resolve the hostname and FQDN to the correct IP. I've tried using the short, FQDN, and IP address and it fails every time trying to retrieve the cert. Both servers are on the same subnet and can ping each other with no issues. When I access either one there are no SSL security errors as the certs installed are issued from our infrastructure and thus the workstations fully trust them. When the certs were installed on the servers the entire file had to contain the entire chain so they should trust anything else from that root CA, but there is no way to get to the Linux command line to actually verify anything.


we did an in-place upgrade from a working system and everything was straight forward. I'll have a look at a new install tonight in my lab if I get time and see if I get the same issue.


We found the issue, turns out our Networking team assigned our Unified Manager IP to another server as well. Once we corrected the IP and DNS it registered with no issues.




Good to hear, you will love the new performance manager, it's looking more and more like balance and dfm all-in one.