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Nonconformant Datasets - Redundant relationships found - How do you clean up?


Hi All,


Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question. I am pretty new to NetApp and have inherited an environment with a few issues that I am trying to resolve. I have done well so far and only have one remaining issue outstanding. This regards redundant (identical apart from object ID) relationships within a dataset.



I have a couple of datasets that are in a non-conformant state. Both have redundant relationships and the suggestion is to "Cleanup redundant relationships".


I have identified the objectID of the redundant relationship, however the remainder of the object is identical to another relationship (priHostId, priVolId, priQtreeId, secHostId, secVolId and secQtreeId). Therefore I cannot simply remove the relationship using "dfpm dataset remove <dataset id> <object name>"


I have tried specifying the <object id> of the redundant relationship, yet the error message states that there is not an object of name "<relationship object id>" within the dataset. Well, of course this would be the case, as I specified an object id......


I know a couple of people have experienced this issue before, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions as to how to remove a relationship from a dataset using the object ID?


The version of dfpm (OCUM) I have is 5.2.1.



I already have an open support case, but I am not having much luck with support at the moment, so I thought I would ask the wider community.


Many thanks for your suggestions.