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OC Best Practices for Monitoring Remote filers via WAN


IHAC that has filers in London and Hong Kong running DOT, 7 mode, 8.0.2P3 and 8.0.2P6. The instance of the Oncommand  server is located in  London and runs version and is not using Perf Advisor or any other modules.The WAN connection they have between the locations has on average 190ms of round trip  latency. The customer is asking for recommendations and best practices for the various timeouts and option settings in OC that are impacted by monitoring the remote filers so as to minimize the impact on the filers and the OC server.

I've searched on the support site knowledge base, Failed Portal  and the OC documentation, but have not found the information I am looking for .

Does such a document exist? a Wiki? If so, where would I find it?





Hi Alan,

     This is good suggestion we will incorporate this in our guide for upcoming releases. Thinks to keep in mind the entire OCUM is based on NetWork. If your WAN/Network is not reliable you will have lot of false events/alarms.

You may tune some of the timeout values to over come WAN un-reliability but there is no guarantee that you would avoid false event or alerts by doing this.

[root@dfm ~]# dfm options list | grep -i monSNMP

monSNMPRetries                        4

monSNMPTimeout                        90

[root@dfm ~]#

You can increase these values appropriately.