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OCI 7.1.1 Java shows all VNX Disks status as "Other"


We were looking through our environment in OCI to see if we had any disks showing up with a status of "Failed". For our NetApp and EMC VMAXes all of the disks show up as either "Normal" or "Failed". However, for all of our VNXes and CXes, the only status that is given is "Other" and there is no Normal/Failed status shown.


Is this a limitation of NaviSECCli or possibly some parameter of NaviSECCli that is not being called by OCI? (i.e. naviseccli.exe faults -list)


I may have answered my own question here but just wanted to confirm.


Thanks. --Don



Hey Don,


Hope things are good.


Our historical experience with both naviseccli.exe for Clariion/VNX for block arrays, and SSSU.exe for HP Eva, is that when disks die on these platforms, their presence disappears from the CLI output we have historically gathered. On platforms like this, you will see OCI's changes view show a change showing raw capacity of the array shrinking, because it is as if someone unplugged a disk from the array, and ran down the hall with it, cackling maniacally.


I can file a RFE for us to look into adding that -fault CLI command. Do you have any example output of it from when a dead disk is present?


Another challenge for OCI is that sometimes arrays cannot tell us everything we need to know about a dead disk - it may not be able to report the model/capacity/etc of it.






Matt, unfortunately Smiley Happy we don't currently have any failed drives in our CX/VNX arrays. I checked them all by hand yesterday.


The command is "naviseccli -h <IP Address> -user username -password password -scope 0 faults -list". Right now, when I run that I just get a status of "The array is operating normally."


Looking online, a faulted disk status would come back as: 





Don, I think your suspicion that we don't collect this infomration may be correct.  Here is a list of the commands that the Clariion data source runs: 


NaviSecCLI (Secure CLI) Commands:

  • naviseccli.exe –help
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} getall
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} metalun -list
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 -port {port} mirror -sync -list
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} mirror -async -list
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} storagepool -list
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} thinlun –list
  • naviseccli.exe h {ip} User {user} Password {password} Scope 0 port {port} storagegroup -list -gname {storage group name} (This can be run multiple times with different storage group names.)

NaviCLI (Classic CLI) Commands:

  • navicli.exe –help
  • navicli.exe h {ip} getall
  • C:\Program Files\OnCommand Insight \java\bin\java.exe –jar C:\ProgramFiles\EMC\Navisphere CLI\navicli.jar –user {user} -password {password} -port {port} –address {ip} metalun -list
  • navicli.exe h {ip} mirror sync -list
  • navicli.exe h {ip} mirror async –list
  • navicli.exe h {ip} storagepool -list
  • navicli.exe h {ip} thinlun –list
  • navicli.exe h {ip} storagegroup -list -gname {storage group name} (This can be run multiple times with different storage group names.)

I can imagine how this information would be useful.  You may want to contact your OCI specialist sales team to request an enhancement to support disk status on Clariion/VNX. 


Thanks a lot. Yeah, I gathered that might be the case after I went and read in the OCI Operations Guide about what NaviSECCli commands were getting passed. I'll do an RFE. It would be nice to be able to dashboard that stuff. We have full dial-home on our arrays but it's always nice to verify. Also, our very old CXs are off of mainline proactive support so we have to keep an eye on those ourselves.



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