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OCI 7.1.1 is now available from


As well as Data Source Service Pack for OCI 7.1.0


If you upgrade, you will find:


XtremIO Performance beta support is shipping

This is the first 7.1.x release to ship with our Dell Compellent Inventory and Performance beta support

Hyper-V Performance beta support is shipping

Our EMC Centera beta datasource is far more robust

We have multithreaded our HDS VSP performance support - if you have multiple "tier 1" HDS arrays in one datasource, we can now collect performance from them concurrently, instead of serially, with some limits.



Vmax3 news - Vmax3 is a bit of a moving target. SRDF support came in subsequent Vmax3 firmware (Enguinity) releases) - OCI 7.1.1 and service pack support this, whether the relationship is Vmax3 <-> Vmxax3, or a mix of older Vmax with Vmax 3. However, we determined we needed to make some server side changes in order to express information about Vmax3 FastVP volumes - if knowing what service level is applied to Vmax3 volumes is important to you, upgrading to 7.1.1 is the only answer, as we cannot support those types of changes in a service pack.





Hi Ostiguy,


Thanks for sharing this information!



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