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OCI 7.2.2+ & HTTP Proxy settings


Hey all,


In OCI 7.2.2, we have separated from the OCI ASUP configuration, settings for OCI to use a HTTP proxy.


This is because:


On earlier OCI releases, you could only configure a proxy if you were going to use HTTP(s) for OCI ASUP

You could only configure a proxy if you were going to send OCI ASUP




For awhile, OCI has had the ability to pull new disk definition updates from NetApp, published monthly - this is because on some of the platforms we support, OCI is not able to pull enough information about disks from the device itself, so we may need to augment that data with additional facts.


OCI also has the ability to bubble up indicate to you about new OCI releases. Now in 7.2.2 and higher, we can also notify you about new data source service packs. In the future, you may see NetApp release data source service packs more frequently.


So, for these reasons, we think it is a good idea for your OCI server to be able to talk to NetApp, and therefore we wanted to remove some inhibitors for that to happen. So, if you are deploying 7.2.2, look into this capability so you can avoid unknown disk failures, and stay abreast of OCI releases