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OCI 7.3.1 Brocade FOS 7.4.2a


We have some Brocade DCXs and Brocade 6510.  The DCXs have virtual fabrics, we have redundant fabrics but they are on different chassis.  We were able to gather performance data on FOS 7.4.0a.


When we upgraded switches to the FOS 7.4.2a, OCI stopped gathering performance data for devices with virtual fabrics.  We loaded the 7.3SP2 (released in March) yesterday and still have the issue. 


Is there a newer patcha available for Brocade data sources? If yes, is there a download page, where I can get all the pacthes for different data sources


Re: OCI 7.3.1 Brocade FOS 7.4.2a


Are you using SNMPv3 to collect performance?


Put aside Brocade firmware entirely - it is impossible to collect port performance statatistics off of Brocade FOS devices if those ports are in the non-default VF


I am not aware of any specific issues with 7.4.2a, but I just want to stress that you have no hope of making this work unless SNMPv3 is part of your configuration



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