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OCI 7.3.1 shipped last week...


On last Thursday, we shipped OCI 7.3.1


This is not merely a maintenance release - there are a lot of interesting enhancements in this release.


Major changes include:


Capacity as a Time Series - some key capacity facts are now going to be treated as time series data (think performance). This means you can visualize up to 90 days of capacity data in the OCI operational UI - "How is my storage pool capacity utilization trending?" is no longer a question only for the OCI Datawarehouse.


Infinite scroll - You make a query, or use a table widget, and are tired of paging through results? Scroll away to your heart's content.


Expressions in dashboard - you can do some pretty interesting calculations off of time series data.... especially interesting since performance is no longer the only type of time series data.


More inventory visibility in the WebUI - Qtrees, Shares and Quotas have joined us in the OCI WebUI


Release notes are here:


I will add some more commentary to this thread when time permits







Thanks for sharing this information.



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