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OCI 7.3.11 and Service Pack 9 shipped today...


Hey all,


We shipped our latest OCI maintenance release, and data source service pack today. I would recommend all OCI 7.3.1 through 7.3.10 users to look at installing Service Pack 9 to bring their data collection code up to date.


Some highlights for enhancements:

Azure NetApp Files performance support

Azure Compute- performance support enhanced with per-virtual disk (VMDK) statistics

Isilon 8.2.x support

Isilon Access Zone support - please note that if you are using a non-root user to discover Isilon, you will need to update your sudoers file to support some additional CLI commands that will be executed

HDS VSP 5xxx / HP XP8 Export Tools performance support


Along with lots of other fixes and enhancements.



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