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OCI 7.3.3 DWH Installation Windows 2016




Does anyone have experience with OCI 7.3.3 DWH installation on Windows Server 2016.
The KB article 

describes the problem but the solution does not work .


Thanks Michael


Re: OCI 7.3.3 DWH Installation Windows 2016


Hey Michael,


I have not been very closely involved with the DWH installation pain in OCI 7.3.3, but my understanding is that all the pain is due to Cognos 11.0+ switching to using an Informix database, and this Informix database is trying to create local or domain user accounts at install time to use as a service account. Therefore, the pain is resulting from environments running security hardening that prohibits user account creation and/or enforces certain password complexity and therefore is unrelated to which Windows version you are installing the DWH on.



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