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OCI - Custom dashboards.....looking for inspiration


Hi Guys,


We have recently purchased OCI (Perform, Plan and Discover ) and have a basic install currently setup and capturing data fine.


I have NetApp PS booked for 5 days to come in and complete the setup ( DWH and custom dashboards etc ) in a few weeks.


Im looking for some ideas/examples of what is possible from the custom dashboard function. I have had a demo from the Hoff who briefly showed some dashboards , but I want to dig into some detail so I can give them a brief of what I want before they arrive on site.


Without really knowing the art of the possible it is difficult to fully put my requirements forwards.


Has anybody got some examples of custom dashboards they have built or had built that would get my design juices flowing ?









You can find a good collection of nice examples in the NetApp Automation Store:







EMail sent




We had Mike Moon out recently for the same service and he had a ton of great example reports/dashboards.  We found the Environment Overview (with drilll-downs) and Storage Headroom ones particularly helpful.  If you have multiple tiers of storage (AFF, SAS, SATA) the IO Density ones can help you identify any workloads on the wrong tier to get the best value and performance out of your aggregates.  Keep in mind that properly annotating your storage and applications can open up some very interesting data also, but be careful not to assign these until you are sure how you want to use them - the data warehouse remembers everything!


Thanks James


Do the IO density reports/dashboards come out of the box or did you have them built ? They would be very useful to us.




They were provided by NetApp during our PS engagement, but due to how OCI handles the code between versions (even dot releases) some minor work was needed to get them working on our system.  They have a HUGE repository of reports, so I'd suggest checking with them to see how you can get some going for you.


Thanks for the heads up and the reply


Looking forward to really seeing what this can do for us