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OCI DWH 7.1.2 Question on chargeback reporting



I'm trying to get a bit of insight as to whether or not OCI can provide a chargeback report for hosts that are replicating to our DR site.  The example would be is that we have a host in production that is being replicated via Recoverpoint (RPA) to a DR site.  How does a chargeback report reflect the host replication?  


Re: OCI DWH 7.1.2 Question on chargeback reporting


I believe that we will be unable to recognize the replication relationship in this configuration because it is defined in RecoverPoint. 


Engineering is currently working to define how RecoverPoint might be supported in a future release.  It would be a good idea to make sure your use case is described in detail in an IFR. 


There are always two approaches available to accommodate repliation in chargeback.  The first is to measure capacity at both the primary and secondary and associate it with the charged entity.  One drawback to this approach is that OCI must understand the replication relationship, which is challenging if the replication paradigm involves regularly breaking off the secondary, or if replication is defined off of the array.


The second is to measure only on the primary side.  In this approach you have some additional options:

- estimate secondary capacity information based on prior knowledge of the replication paradigm; or

- price replication services into the storage tier

If you do estimate the secondary or its cost, you do need to make sure you don't accidentally include some secondary storage in the measurements that are used for chargeback. 



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Re: OCI DWH 7.1.2 Question on chargeback reporting


Ok, thanks very much for the info.  If we had a data source for the RecoverPoint that would be fantastic.  I'll report back to my team and perhaps we can put together an IFR.  When it comes to chargeback, being able to see all the pieces is key.






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