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OCI DWH report by mail issues


After the upgrade to OCI 6.4 I've lost all my emailed reports.

I got this error:

java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle ncmsg, key it

I've set as usual the Notification fields in IBM Cognos Configuration. I've also tested with success.

The smtp relay is working fine, after all the server is always the same.

The smtp relay is anonymous so in the user and pwd field I leave all blank.

The notification test is ok.

Any idea?



Uh! Self solved...that's luck!

I've noted a discrepancy between the time/timezone os Windows Server and the one used by DWH.

Nevertheless it was set as "use the default" the report time were of the PST timezone.

I've forced DWH to use the same tz of server and the reports now go out by email!!!

Very strange,...