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OCI Monthly Chargeback Report


Need help creating a chargeback report in OCI.

We have installed OCI 7.1.1 in our environment and have connected two cDOT clusters (6 node each).

At preset we create a charge back report as follows:

1. Collect df output from weekly autosupports (4 each month)
2. Average the used size of volumes  (excluding snapshots) for each week
3. Now we have four averages (average used size per week)
4. Take an average of all four average used size per week
5. Charge the customer on this Average used size per month


Is this something that can be easily created in OCI or do we have to create a Report with SQL queries?

Any help is much appreciated





Nitish -


Yes, this is a standard report for OCI.

The only trick to it is making sure the business entities and relevant annotations for client systems are added in to OCI for the data warehouse to report on.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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There is chargeback/showback functionality built into OCI, which you may be able to take advantage of. 


However, if you want to implement the same measurement paradigm in OCI as you're currently using on ASUP data, you will need to build that custom and SQL would probably be the easiest place to do it. It is unlikely that the built-in process uses an average-of-averages method. 


You don't mention how you connect stats about volumes to customers.  That will be an important step.