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OCI Storage automatic discovery


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in OCI we have chance to discover automatically the host, by regular expression with zone alias, swtich alias, etc.

I'm asking if there is any posibility to have storage discovery automatically, similar the hosts.


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The details of what we need to do with Storage differ from what we need to do with Hosts. 


OCI gathers some critical information from the storage itself.  To establish inventory we need to ask the storage about its disk contents, usable capacity, configured storage, and other details.  To establish relationships among entities, we need to ask the storage about its masking and mapping configuration.  To gather this information, we need to connect to the storage, and that requires prior knowledge of what kind of storage array it is and what credential we can use to connect.  We might be able to get a resolvable hostname from the zoning configuration, but the rest of the necessary information needs to come from somewhere. 


When you configure a storage data source and discover the associated storage array(s), the discovered interfaces and their WWNs are removed from the FC Identify screen.  The data source provides us concrete, discovered knowledge of their identity and so there is no longer any reason to identify them from zoning, aliases, or other metadata. 


The FC Identify screen can provide you some hints about storage devices that need data sources configured, including their naming from the zone configuration and the vendor, if not the model, of the array from the Vendor column. 


Hi Moechnig

thanks for your answer. So, there is not a method about to register a storage by zone with extract names by regular expression?

For example:


OCI read "hostname" and put it in Host tab, and read "storagename" putting it to Storage tab?

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If you want to monitor the storage, configure a data source for it. 


If you just want to identify it but don't need to track capacity or access, you will probably need to just do a manual identification in FC Identify.