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OCI and XtremIO latency...


While OCI has had XtremIO support for awhile now, we have not had volume latency stats.


This is because the "traditional" XtremIO REST API only had instantaneous latency/response time data, which would not be reflective of a N minute performance poll by an OCI datasource.


As of XtremIO 4.0.2 firmware, the XMS' REST API additionally has a historical performance REST API infrastructure.


What we have for OCI 7.2.x shops is an XtremIO datasource patch that will attempt to automagically start reporting volume latency sourced from this second pathway. Since it is fully REST API, there are no changes you make to your datasources - the .patch does it all.


Furthermore, we are gathering some additional data in our recordings to look at filling a few more feature gaps in this performance package.


Ping me at ostiguy at netapp dot com if you'd like to play with this





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