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Hi guys,

This is surprise to me that even thought there are lot of people around the world using OCI but still there is almost null activity in this community. There are only few people who ask/put questions and only few who answers them (francoi1, davec, ostiguy and kerick).

Is there any other Netapp community where people are discussing about the current issues/workarounds? If yes, can we take some steps to redirect them here? I wanted to see what kind of problems are faced by people in OCI. Please don't tell me that there are none. I am facing some strange behavior in OCI and support is silent for a week on that. Sharing problems/info will validate that it is either with underlying hardware or OCI.

Please don't take this personally, my intentions are just to share a thought that we can grow by learning, teaching and sharing.

Thanks for understanding



I don't think this forum has been around all that long - at one point, there was a customers only private forum, but since no one knew about it because it was private... no one knew about it.

I think I know what your serial number is, so I am looking at case history, and nothing is jumping out at me. Can you frame what is on your mind in a generic fashion?


If this is the case then can we do an announcement there that there is another community for OCI?

Can anyone provide the link for another public community?


Hello All,

AFAIK the community most used is




I got unauthorized access error while access the given link.