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OCIR reporting false information ?


I was using OCIR for few months ,It works as it was advertised for some of its part .But, the only remark I got was it was not polling the correct data (In numbers).As far i know, it pulls all the info from DFM server ,if the data was correct on the server ,why it is not showing the exact data or figures in OCIR.

Example :

FYI: the info was grabbed after many times of ETL and polling the server .


Re: OCIR reporting false information ?


Use the Total Aggregate Capacity and Used Aggregate capacity values under Aggregates - Capacity Folder.Refer to the screenshot

Re: OCIR reporting false information ?



I am looking for report that shows us overall controllers , total capacity and used capacity..we don't need any sub categories  below them .When i was creating the reports ,most of them shows us the wrong info .

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