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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

OCM 6.41RC1 and OPM 2.1RC1 Pairing Status : BAD


2nd attempt at getting a full integration setup working.


Everything seems to upgrade OK , however I cannot get the Pairing status to anything other than BAD>


Inbox filling up with


Trigger Condition - The cluster PPSANCxxxxx is not reachable. Cluster PPSANCxx performance events have stopped being sent by Performance Manager server This condition could be caused by a communication issue between Unified Manager and Performance Manager, or between Performance Manager and cluster PPSANCxxxx


Ive reset accounts. Setup new Event publisher accounts. reset the full integration connection.


Cannot get past this.






During upgrade of OPM to 2.1, by any chance that UM might be down? In that case the pairing status might be bad..




Hi Groove,

Can you check on below mentioned points also (in addition to the point that Sahana mentioned - regarding IP/FQDN changes) ?


Possible Cause 1: Check if SPOG RP certificate(Self-signed / CA-signed) has been altered (from UM SetupOptions-HTTPs web GUI page).

       We can check this using web GUI Administration-Setup_Options-Management_Server-HTTPs-View_HTTPs_certificate.

       If certificate regeneration/CA-signing of certificate workflow has been run on OPM server, We need to run a 'Modify full-integration' option(from the OPM maintenance console) for this specific OPM server.

       If certificate regeneration/CA-signing of certificate workflow has been run on SPOG UM server, We need to run a 'Modify full-integration' option(from the OPM maintenance console) for ALL the registered OPM


Possible Cause 2: Check if heartbeat service touch (ZAPI Calls from OPM to UM) are happening as per defined schedule(every 5 mins).

       We can check this using 'lastUpdateTimestamp' value from o/p of command 'mysql -e "select * from ocum.heartbeatservice"'

       If the heartbeat-service touch timestamp has exceeded 5 mins, then we need to check if OPM services/OPM server is down/Any other reason causing communication failure between OPM and UM, and then

       once backup ensure the 'lastUpdateTimestamp' is withing 5 mins.



Hi Kirana


THanks for your reply , however im a little confused what you are asking me to check here.


Regarding certificates what I have done is as follows - 


From UM server GUI / Administration / HTTPS Certificate > Regenerate HTTPS certificate.

Restart UM


From PM console > Modify Full Integration settings > run through setup procedure again giving details for UM server (FQDN) , ocm local Oncommand  administrator username/password , event publisher username and password. Wizard completes successfully and serices restart ok.


Both tools seem to work ok individually of each other , however Pairing status is still Bad , and no new performance events are recieved in PM.


Both of these boxes are vmware ovf applications and not running Windows. How do I check the heatbeat service on these ?















Refer KB 2024573  Troubleshooting Workflow: How to handle OPM server side changes in OPM-UM incident management workflow

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HI Sahana


THanks for your reply. The troubleshooting workflow only seems to mention 6.2 and 6.3 ? 


Is either of these applicable to 6.4 ?

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