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OCUM 6.2 OPM connection fails over a NAT


My customer is trying to connect their OnCommand Performance Manager Server to their OnCommand Unified Manager Server, but the connections fails as the OCUM server is using a NAT'd IP address. The following is the error they are seeing.


Does anyone know of a way to establish a connection between a OCUM and OPM server over a NAT?


Thanks in advance for the help!



Unified Manager Connection Menu


    1 ) Display Unified Manager Server Connection

    2 ) Add / Modify Unified Manager Server Connection

    3 ) Delete Unified Manager Server Connection


    b ) Back

    x ) Exit


Enter your choice: 2


Current Unified Manager Connection Settings:


  Unified Manager server name or IP =

  Unified Manager server port       = 443

  Event publisher user name         =

  Event publisher password          =


Do you wish to continue? (y/n):y


    Unified Manager Server Name or IP    :

    Unified Manager Server Port          : 443


Retrieving certificate info from host:


Error: Certificate not trusted.

Error: Certificate hostname mismatch.


  Try connection configuration again? (y/n/q):y