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OCUM 6.2rc1 installer failure



Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago)

netapp-ocum                               x86_64                               6.2-1411040316                               /netapp-ocum-6.2RC1-x86_64         


Whenever trying to do the yum install, we get the following:


Nov 25 14:39:29:  Tag #includedir /etc/sudoers-netapp did not found in /etc/sudoers. Added it

error: %post(netapp-ocum-6.2-1411040316.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

  Verifying  : netapp-ocum-6.2-1411040316.x86_64                                                                                                                                                                      1/1 




  netapp-ocum.x86_64 0:6.2-1411040316 


I uninstalled just that RPM and attempted to reinstall with a " rpm -ivvv netapp-ocum-6.2RC1-x86_64.rpm", and this is what I have seen:

Nov 25 14:42:11:  /etc/sudoers-netapp was emptry and Deleted tag in /etc/sudoers file


Nov 25 14:42:39:  pre_install of ocum

Nov 25 14:42:39:  Checking for RRDtool

Nov 25 14:42:39:  rrdtool version=1.4.3

Nov 25 14:42:39:  Required rrdtool version 1.4.3 installed

Nov 25 14:42:39:  Checking for 7zip

Nov 25 14:42:39:  7za version=9.20

Nov 25 14:42:39:  Required 7za version 9.20 installed

Nov 25 14:42:53:  Adding operating system group maintenance ...

Nov 25 14:42:53:  Tag #includedir /etc/sudoers-netapp did not found in /etc/sudoers. Added it

+ set -e

+ exit 1

😧   install: waitpid(17472) rc 17472 status 100 secs 0.336

error: %post(netapp-ocum-6.2-1411040316.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1


I was hoping that the increased verboosity would provide some details.  That would be a negative.  Any suggestions?





For detailed sequence of steps to download and install unified Manager on RedHat Enterprise Linux, refer below document,



The Red Hat Enterprise Linux system on which you install Unified Manager requires that the
following additional capabilities and capacities be reserved to support Unified Manager

These requirements must be observed whether the target machine is a virtual machine,
running on VMware ESXi Server or Microsoft Hyper-V, or a physical machine

Reserved CPU cycle capacity: 9572 MHz
Reserved RAM: 12 GB
Reserved free hard disk space: 150 GB, where the capacity is allotted as follows,

50 GB allotted to the root partition of the target system
100 GB of free disk space allotted to the /data directory, which is mounted on an LVM drive
on or on a separate local disk attached to the target system

Note: Mounting the /data directory on an NFS or CIFS share is not supported.

This configuration allows you to use a Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine with a smaller root
partition and also enables you to expand /data directory storage if required at a later time.


If the Red Hat Enterprise Linux target machine has a pre-existing configuration in which
the /opt directory and /var/log directory are mounted on a separate partition, at least 5 GB must be
allocated to the /opt directory and 15 GB allocated to the /var/log directory in addition to the
required allocations for the root directory and the /data directory.

Host connectivity requirement

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux physical or virtual system on which you install Unified Manager must
be FDQN-configured in such a way that you can successfully ping the host name from the host itself.
You can use the host name (or the host IP address) to access the product web UI. If you configured a
static IP address for your network during deployment, then you would have designated a name for
the network host. If you configured the network using DHCP, the host name should be taken from
the DNS

Software requirements

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux system on which you install Unified Manager requires the following
versions of the operating system and supporting software installed:
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.5 (64-bit)
• Oracle JRE 1.7.0_55
• MySQL 5.6.21 Enterprise Edition
This version must be supplied by Oracle Corporation or by the downloaded Unified Manager
convenience bundle.
• p7zip 9.20.1
• rrd tool and libraries 1.4.3
If you do not have the listed software installed, downloading, unzipping, and installing the
convenience bundle automatically installs these packages.



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which user you are using to install the packages ?

includedir /etc/sudoers-netapp did not found in /etc/sudoers.