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OCUM 6.4 / OCPM 2.1 Full Integration Error


After upgrading Unified Manager to version 6.4 and Performance Manager to v2.1, I am attempting to enable full integration.  After inputting the configuration in the 4 steps, the status shows:


Contacting Unified Manager...
Setting up secure communication path.

Registering with the Unified Manager Proxy failed, this could be due to:
o - The Unified Manager version is not 6.4 or greater
o - The Unified manager instance is down
o - A general failure occurred

Press any key to continue.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Any updates from support?  I just upgraded our OCUM to 6.4P1 and OPM to 2.1P1 and get the same error when trying to configure full integration. 





It could be java error: refer

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What distributions for both UM and OPM (WIndows, RHEL, VM deployed from OVA)?

What were the pre-upgrade releases of both UM and OPM?

Was "partial integration" (OPM sending events to UM) enabled during the upgrade?

Was "partial integration" (OPM sending events to UM) enabled during the configuration to "full integration"?


UM is the Windows install and PM was the ISO upgrade for the vSphere OVA.  The previous versions were 6.3 and 2.0.0 respectively.  I disabled the pre-existing integration on PM (partial in the new parlance) prior to running the upgrade.  From the PM maintenance console, the main menu indicates "no integration enabled" for UM.


We will need logs to troubleshoot further.  Please open a case with NetApp Support.  If you can generate an ASUP (UI) from both OPM and UM and also capture a Support Bundle (maintenance console) fromboth UM and OPM and upload to the case after it is created, the troubleshoooting time will be minimized.  Thanks.

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