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OCUM 7.1, SDK 5.6, and FlexGroups




I am looking to add reporting integration for FlexGroups into some software I have.  Checking the SDK 5.6 relnotes I see that support for ONTAP 9.1 and OCUM 7.0 was added.  But, it doesn't list OCUM 7.1 yet although this is posted on the support site.  Is this intentional and will a new SDK be released soon that supports OCUM 7.1?


Anyway, I continued and to test FlexGroup behavior I updated my cluster to ONTAP 9.1RC1 and my OCUM to 7.1RC1, and was able to create a FlexGroup on the cluster and see it in OCUM GUI correctly.


Looking to the API and checking the SDK docs I see two elements which I have historically used to deterimne if a vol is a flexvol or infinite vol:


flexible-volume-info flexible-volume-info
This element contains data applicable exclusively to flexible volumes.
infinite-volume-info infinite-volume-info
This element contains data applicable exclusively to infinite volumes.



What I don't see is any element that would let me know I'm working with a FlexGroup.  Also, checking the API response for my FlexGroup I didn't find any other new element type.


Question:  How can I determine that a volume is a FlexGroup?  Or, is it process of elimination and if these elements are missing then I know it's a FlexGroup?  Or, is the SDK simply behind and in some future update there will be a new element?


I just want to make sure that code put in today with SDK 5.6 and OCUM 7.1RC1 continues to work as the more final versions are released....