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OCUM 7.2 - SVM cannot be found


Hello everyone,


I recently installed OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 as a VMware virtual appliance.


I can search for a user on the search field (to see his home directory quota for example) but when I click on the username, I have this error message:


"The Storage Virtual Machine that you are trying to view cannot be found. Close the dialog box to view all the Storage Virtual Machines."


However, the SVM is clearly accessible. On the SVM list, I can click the SVM, then use the "User and Group Quotas" tab and the find the user quota.


I tested different users and different volume, same result 😞


Does anyone had the same problem and do you have a solution? 🙂


Thanks a lot.


Re: OCUM 7.2 - SVM cannot be found




I saw strange behavoiur when deleting a cluster from OCUM.

The cluster was deleted but the cluster nodes where still visible.


In my case, it was a corrupt database.


Try to delete the cluster and let it rediscover?




Re: OCUM 7.2 - SVM cannot be found


Hello marcusgross,


Sorry for my late answer (vacantion, ...)


I never delete a SVM from OCUM because it's a fresh install 🙂


I deleted the cluster and let it rediscover but there is no change.


I'm going to install a simulator to reproduce this issue and maybe call the support.


I'll keep you in touch.




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