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OCUM Database user for WFA


WFA 2.0.1

OCUM 5.0

The customer changed the DFM database port (because the default was blocked or in use) to enable a reporting server.     As a result, wfa_ocsetup.exe fails to run.   So:

1. Can wfa_ocsetup.exe be told to use a non-standard port? 

2. Or failing that, exactly what does wfa_ocsetup.exe do?    

We tried using dfm commands to create a database user and enable it:

     dfm database user create

      dfm database access enable

This results in a database user-id (based on "dam database user list"), but using that in WFA results in consistent login failures.

Alan Parker


Re: OCUM Database user for WFA


Hi Alan,

1) The 'wfa_ocsetup.exe ' tries to connect to the localhost on the default port, and as such you cannot give port as input to that installer.

     We will create an enhancement BURT and have the port configurable in the next release.

2) The installer, connects to the localhost on the default port, creates a user with the details provided, and then grants select access to only those tables of DFM that WFA needs.


Have sent you a separate mail with a temporary fix, please see if that helps.



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Re: OCUM Database user for WFA


Yes, the patched wfa_ocsetup.exe works great.  Thank you very much.

-Alan Parker

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