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OCUM Reporting issues - Reporting actual (physical) consumed size on a volume, even a clone


Hey all, I'm trying to get the affect of reporting the "physical used size" from the vol show-space command.  Volume.Used in the OCUM dataset incorporates space that is not in the snap reserve.  I put in a conditional for the volumes that don't have snapshot spill so I don't double count snapshots, but I run into an issue with clones.  They report used like a regular volume, but the real consumed space isn't reported. Any thoughts on what I can do to report the actual/physical/real consumed space of a clone with OCUM reporting?


Second question, this there a way to add attributes to be gathered by OCUM from the clusters like the 'vol show-space' outputs?  Logical-data size from 'vol efficiency", and user-data/physical used from 'vol show-space' are very useful outputs....



When UM 7.3RC is released, a customer will have the ability to query the report databases in UM directly as access to certain tables and databases in will be opened up.


Does this mean that the vol show-space information will be available in the OCUM DB? 


Good news! UM 7.3RC1 has already been made available for download.

Here is the download link which includes release and product information:

OnCommand® Unified Manager 7.3 RC1

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