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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

OCI and Pure storage


Hi, I was trying to add Pure storage in to OCI, It says login tests success, but not able to pull the data. 

Give below error


Internal error: org.json.simple.JSONArray cannot be cast to org.json.simple.JSONObject


1, I could able to add one array, it works fine M(70). 

2, Same way when i try to add another one, it gives above error 

3, its the same error after adding EMC Solution enabler host, VMware VSpeher , EMC Clarion. etc

4, If any hosts/storage/Switch adds getting same error



OCI: OnCommand Insight 7.1.2 build 290


Please help me on this.



For reasons unknown to us, Pure made changes in their REST API where they started returning arrays of data where once individual objects were returned for some REST API calls. Newer versions of OCI support the Pure firmware that introduced these changes. I strongly suspect that the Pure array that is failing is running a newer firmware than the one that is being discovered successfully


OCI 7.1.x is in extended support, if it is supported at all.


I would as a general recommendation, strongly encourage upgrading to OCI 7.2.7 or 7.3.1 where the OCI Pure datasource has support for the firmware you are running.


Failing that, you should try installing the most recent Data Source Service Pack for OCI 7.1.x




However, I am not seeing anything in the release notes for SP4 for 7.1.x for Pure.


YOu are right the one not pulling the data is running new version. 


I will check on upgrading part. 




No worries.


I have done a little searching.


OCI engineering resolved this Pure issue with engineering issue ICI-4138. This resulted in a datasource patch *after* OCI Data Source Service Pack 4 for 7.1.x was released.


If this were your only data source issue, I would say:


Install SP4 for 7.1.2 as discussed above

Call support to open an issue, say that you need the 7.1.x patch for ICI-4138.


However, it sounds like you are doing a variety of data source tasks, and doing that with data source code that is ~18 months old is very tricky as you likely have upgraded other, non-Pure, device firmware in that time




Thanks Matt,


Will it take any downtime to apply SP4 for 7.1.2. Bcz i dont have any non prod to test and also, not sure how much time it will take to apply. I dotn find any suhc information in release note.




OCI data source service packs for OCI 7.1.x and earlier:



Are .msi based, and need to be installed via a remote desktop console

Need to be installed on the OCI operational server AND all OCI Remote Acquisition Units

The service pack installation will restart the "SANscreen Server" and "SANscreen Acq" service.


So, there will be a minor interruption in OCI availability


OCI data source service packs are .patch files, installable via a web browser.

Service packs are installed only on the OCI operational server

The OCI operational service only needs to restart all "SANscreen Acq" services, and it does so automatically.


So, on 7.2.x and higher, service packs are much easier to install.




Let me try. 


Thanks a lot


Note that its the same error after adding EMC Solution enabler host, VMware VSpeher , EMC Clarion. etc


It is exceedingly unlikely that


Solutions Enabler




datasources would fail with a JSON error message as none of those datasources utilize REST APIs to source the device data.

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