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OCUM Upgrade 5.0=>5.1: what happened to root?


Hi all,

after upgrading a OCUM platform from 5.0 to 5.1, I cannot login to the web interface with root anymore... Even though, I can log in the NMC...

Another user root2 with GlobalFullControl rights had to be created in order to use the web interface again with root privilege

what could we have missed? how can we debug that?

thanks for your help





Can you provide some more info:

1. Which which user did you perform upgrade to 5.1. (Did you login as root and performed upgrade?)

2. After upgrade, did you perform dfm db restore by any chance?

3. can you paste the output of dfm user list?

4. can you also paste the output of "dfm option list enableadministratorroot"




Hi guys,

I'm the one that have done the upgrade so I can give you more details on the observed behavior (thank you Yves for creating this thread) :

As "dfm option list enableadministratorroot" returns nothing, I can't do any change on this option as suggested in kb#1013744.

[root@vmpli oncommand]# dfm option list | grep -i root

vFilerRootVolumeSizeMb                50

This option appears as not existing in my environment

[root@vmpli oncommand]# dfm user list

Id    Administrator          Email                    Pager

----- ---------------------- ------------------------ ------------------------

34    Everyone

5478  k2           

5477  karma

6131  r2                     r2

35    root

[root@vmpli oncommand]# dfm query run "select * from administrators"








Is there any mapping between the db filed named "adminIsGroup" and the dfm option enableadministratorroot ? If so, we're facing the situation described in the kb.

@Arun :

1. root performed the upgrade

2. not yet

3 & 4. see above cmd output





In dfm user list output, I can see user root with id 35.

There is nothing to do with enableadministratorroot in linux. Infact it has been disabled in linux.

can you give me the o/p of following command:

"dfm user role list 35"

If root has globalfullcontrol permission, you should be able to login to NSPOG without any restrictions.




yes, that's why so situation is odd. As I've granted GlobalFullControl to both root and r2, I should be able to login the webui with those 2 accounts. Fact is, I can only login to the NMC.

[root@vmpli ~]# dfm user role list 35

Role Id Role Name

------- -------------------------

33      GlobalFullControl

[root@vmpli ~]# dfm user role list 6131

Role Id Role Name

------- -------------------------

33      GlobalFullControl

6131 is a user with a simpler password I've created in response to the webui error : "Authentication failed. Please verify username and password"

root and r2 are also in the database user list :

[root@vmpli ~]# dfm database user list

User Id  User Name            Database Access Status

-------- -------------------- -------------------------

107      wfa_get              Enabled

108      ocr_get              Enabled

109      root                   Enabled

110      r2                      Enabled


Have you solved the problem since?

I'm facing the same issue.




I've follow the support instructions :

1/upgrade your RH OS

2/Move OnCommand data from NFS to local

After that, I had to import the backup I've done before the upgrade and it was ok.

Hope it helps.



Hi Y,

I think you are somehow affected by the feature of disabling the

Administrator/root in OnCommand core package version 5.1

Check and see if this KB helps solve your issue.



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