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OCUM appears to be on the way out. Less GUI queries, and more API's with each release


I'm very disappointed at NetApp's course with OCUM.  Each version loses a bit more customization.

I just read that REPORTS are DEFUNCT and will be removed.


That is crazy.  DFM, had a GROUP feature, with which I could group related objects, to see reports and dashboards.


OCUM took that away, and was supposed to bring it back...  still waiting...  I won't hold my breath.


REPORTS are now listed in the docs as DEFUNCT, and to be removed.  Wow!!!


It wouldn't be so bad, if I could modify a dashboard query, and SAVE it so I could just execute it.  Alas, not that either.


But I see where I can use RESTful API's to pull the data.  I am not a developer, I need to create dashboards for my users and management.  Quickly and easily.


So what gives, anyone know what is going on?





Could you please provide more information on the training course you are referring here?


Some of the items seem out of date.





I might have misunderstood your question previously.


We are trying to simplify the Reporting capability in OCUM and bring the capabilities in the native UI so that users to don't have to rely on expertise needed to develop on BIRT tool.


The reports you referring are made available from the core UI in addition to the BIRT report and they are identical.


We are also planning to provide capabilities to create custom views (same as modifying a dashboard) in future releases. 


Would you be interested in participating in a Usability session for overall reporting capabilities?






Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, it has been three years, and the features are not appearing yet.

I need to provide dashboard for my management and users, and I can't.


I don't necessarily need the reports, but I need to be able to save a query, and assign users who can access it, so they can view their own metrics.  In other words, I create custom views, and have the ability to send a link to my users so they can view the views I created for them.  (Just like in DFM)


I would be more than happy to participate.  Unfortunately, it appears as if I will need to find a third party tool to provide the queries I needed yesterday. 😉