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OCUM installation failes on RHEL [OCUM 6.3 / RHEL 6.5 ]


Hello guys,


I am trying to setup OCUM 6.3 on a RHEL 6.5 box.


it is failing during the netapp-ocum packages setup.


Message I have is : 

Mar 09 19:37:22: Configuration complete. Will start ocie services ...
Mar 09 19:40:03: Started NetApp OnCommand Insight Essentials Server service.
Mar 09 19:40:03: Adding maintenance user to um user
Mar 09 19:40:03: maintenance user is not added to um, adding ...
Error: Unable to communicate with server. Please ensure the server is running.


I found where in the install script it failes :

function create_maintenance_user () {

log "Adding maintenance user to um user"
# Check if umadmin is already added as um user. If not add it.
cmd="select name from ocum.authorizationunit where authorizationUnitType='MAINTENANCE_USER';"
ret=`mysql --batch -N -e "$cmd"`
if [[ ! -z $ret ]] ; then
log "maintenance user=$ret"
log "maintenance user already exist in um"
log "maintenance user is not added to um, adding ..."
su - jboss -c "dfm user add -t maintenance_user ${maintenance_user}" >> $LOG 2>&1


the failling command is related to "dfm user add".


I also tried to log in as jboss and issue this same command with no more success ;(


Do you have an idea of what is wrong with my setup ?



Thanks a lot.





Re: OCUM installation failes on RHEL [OCUM 6.3 / RHEL 6.5 ]




Can you check from 'service ocie status' that the Jboss web server is UP. If it is down, can you try a 'service ocie start' and see if it comes up. Later, 

a. Add maint. user(defaults to username of 'umadmin') as a OS user using below steps:

    $groupadd maintenance

    $useradd --shell /bin/ --home /home/maintenance -g maintenance umadmin

b.Add this user as UM maint. user using 'su - jboss -c "dfm user add -t maintenance_user umadmin'.


You can try above and let us know. BTW yes you would get a popup error msg when you see the login screen saying that 'maint. user must be created first' in this scenario.




Re: OCUM installation failes on RHEL [OCUM 6.3 / RHEL 6.5 ]




I finnaly found the issue, it is still strange but I have a workaround 🙂


on my system I have a huge FS dedicated to OCUM let's say /OCUM

I created something like that 



and then created sym links like this

  cd /opt ; ln -s /OCUM/opt/netapp .

  cd / ; ln -s /OCUM/data .


When setup is done with symlinks, permissions ( owner/group/ bit s on user or group ) are not the same compared to setup with no symlink on the /opt/netapp directories !!


I just do something like mount -o bind /OCUM/opt/netapp /opt/netapp and tada, it works fine.


I did not go deeped to understand and debug the post install scriplet from the rpm but there is something very stange in there ...


Thanks for your help





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