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Oncommand Unified Manager 6.4...SLLLOOOOWWW after upgrade OVA


 Hello all-


We have upgraded OPUM and OCPM to the latest RC versions for maximum Clustered Ontap 8.3 compatability, and now, both tools are SOOOO SLOOW!!! Every mouse click results in a 15-30 second wait, we are using the OVA's on Vmware...has anyone seen this?  My Vmware team sees no issues with performance, and says to look at the software...ideas ???





I assume you mean OCUM (OnCommand Unified Manager 6.4) and OPM (OnCommand Performance Manager 2.1). We have not heard about this specific issue - OCUM and OPM slow after upgrade. Please let us know any specific behaviour that we can consume for analysing the same. 





I am now trying to build new OVA templates, the old ones have been upgraded a couple times...OCUM 6.4 is very fast, but, OCPM 2.1RC1 will not take a static IP address after the VMware tools install...Error is "Previous configuration could not be restored. Giving up. Commit failed." it then restarts, and goes back to DHCP as the IP...


That is a known issue (see KB 2026487).  It's due to a new component of VMware Tools (we're testing this on vSphere 6.0 Update 1), this is what Support send me that resolved the issue:


Launch the OPM console.

Enter Diag shell

Run 'sudo' 

  1. Accepted all defaults EXCEPT saying NO to Common Agent Framework(CAF)
  2. Type Exit in the CLI to enter the Maintenance Console again
  3. Select option 2 'NetWork Configuration'.
  4. Populate the Network settings, and commit the changes.


silly question, how do I enter the diag shell ?


Not silly at all, they don't expose it by default.  Here are the steps I found from another article:


  1. Log in as a maintenance user from the VMware console.
  2. In the Main Menu, type 4 to select Support/Diagnostics.
  3. To access the diagnostic console, type erds at the command prompt .
    You are prompted with the following message: Remote diagnostic access is disabled. Would you like to enable remote diagnostic access? (y/N).
  4. Type y to enable remote diagnostic access.
  5. When prompted, enter a new UNIX password for the diagnostic user.
  6. Type x to exit the maintenance console.
  7. Log in to the maintenance console with diag as the user name and the new UNIX password that you set.


The fix worked, thanks...

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