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OCUM report growth trend




I am a user of OCUM, currently in 7.3P1 although in the next few days I will update to 9.5.
In order to maintain the performance history, I must do it step by step: 7.2P1 -> 7.3P1 -> 9.4 -> 9.5 (to version 9.6 I cannot upload it due to matrix problems)
in any version there is a growing trend report in graph. My business is CLOUD and customers ask me for graphs of the growth trend of their machines and volumes.
Anyone have or know how to make a report?
In OCI the data is not accurate.


Thank you very much for your help


Re: OCUM report growth trend


I think you have to use BIRT for custom reporting up until 9.6, but I haven't had a chance to play around with the native funtionality in 9.6 yet.

OCI should have all of your data to complete this task.  It would just be a matter of creating the report based on whatever is in your Data Warehouse.

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