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ActiveIQ Unified Manager Feature Request - Snapshot Age


I'm looking for a feature that I don't believe exists.  I'd like a threshold and option to report on snapshot age.  When a volume doesn't have a snapshot  that has been taken in  hours to send a notification or go unhealthy.  I find this helpful in SnapCenter environments, where something may cause a job to just not run - so it doesn't fail or succeed.  This would help catch a volume where we would expect a snapshot, but we may not have a recent one.


There is a way to set this up with PRTG, but I was thinking native functionality with ActiveIQ unified Manager would be easier to set up.




Re: ActiveIQ Unified Manager Feature Request - Snapshot Age


I concur. There should be a threshold alert for how long it's been since the last snapshot, and there should also be a threshold alert for the age of the oldest snapshot.


Both of these thresholds should be based on the volume's snapshot policy settings, with some grace given to allow for sample intervals and other reporting lags. You should be able to override both of these thresholds in a flexible manner on a per-volume basis.

Re: ActiveIQ Unified Manager Feature Request - Snapshot Age


If you want that as a feature in the native GUI, you can open a case and request a RFE. Also if it is really important your account team can be looped in to expedite a feature release.

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