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OPM 2.0RC1 Missing Volume


Hey there,


i just deployed the 2.0RC1 OPM in our Testenvironment. It detected the Cluster and after approx 15min he found every Node, Aggregate, SVM but with the Volumes there seems to be a Problem. At first he detected 2 out of 6 Volumes. So not all from the start. One of the deteced Volumes was a cloneed one from a snapshot so i deleted to check if he can only find 2 Volumes. After some Time there was still only the one Volume from before left. The other missing 5 are nowhere to be seen.

I checked the Network Communication and the Settings from the OPM to the Cluster and there is no obstacle in the way. Not sure what causes the Problem. Maybe someone here can help.


Edit: i am working with the 8.2.3 Simulator. After some additional testing it seems like that only RW Volumes are shown. Root and DP Volumes are not shown. Version Conflict with the Cluster? 2.0RC1 Release says its compatible with 8.2.x


Conclusion: I couldnt find any Option to change the Detection of Volumes. It seems like RC1 only show Volumes of Type RW and ignores DP