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OPM and Harvest


have 2 questions about OPM and Harvest:


1) we currently are collecting perforamce data using OPM 2.x. Another group wants to use harvest to collect performance data from cDOT clusters. Customer is concerned because of multiple tools might be putting an additional overhead on the systems. Anyone running Harvest in conjunction with OPM out there? what are the implecations if any?


2) My understanding is that Harvest can pull capacity data from OCUM 6.x, are there any plans to add features to Harvest to pull data directly from OPM?




Re: OPM and Harvest



Refer 10.3 OCUM capacity metrics with the OPM performance metrics data provider on page 36.

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Re: OPM and Harvest


Hi @shem,


Regarding performance impact of multiple collectors I have many customers who use both OPM and Harvest and have never heard about any perf hit using both tools.  I also did some basic tests to see the impact of various collection frequencies on node CPU use.  See here for more.  


Regarding Harvest pulling perf data from OPM this is not something on the roadmap at the moment.  If you want to use OPM as your data source that could be accomplished without Harvest using the OPM native Graphite push "external data provider" feature.  Or, for more stats and flexibility, you could write some code that would poll API Services and then submit the results to a metrics store of your choice.  At the time Harvest was created the API Services feature wasn't available yet, but it could be something added at some point if there is enough demand, the counter catalog is broad enough, and the polling frequency often enough.



Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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