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OnCommand 5.0.2 - Birt Reports not showing graphics



Just recently my OnCommand Unified Manager (5.0.2) instance has stopped displaying graphs (see graphic)

It's like this for all reports (although the Flash images display fine on the dashboard).  I get this problem on several different clients and browsers so points to an issue with the server (have tried stopping/restarting DFM and rebooting the server;  Anyone have any ideas ?

Kind regards




Hi Adaik,

I also have exactly the same problem.

I'm running OnCommand 5.2R1 on RHEL 6.4.

The OnCommand server and my laptop can both resolve the hostname: oncommand.rmgt.intra

But when I debug the HTML source I find this:

<TD class="js4_style_15" vAlign=top><SPAN><IMG id=js4_AUTOGENBOOKMARK_11 alt="" src="https://:443/ActuateJavaComponent/iv;jsessionid=g7o8y76j1gce1x4h75nimxn98?__ivcmd=getimage&iportalID=EVJLLXMPWVKBUYSPBZGC&__ivSessionId=1401883295565_..."></IMG> </SPAN><SPAN class="birt-data-design">Normal</SPAN> </TD>

As you can see the hostname is not filled in:  src="https://:443/ActuateJavaComponent/iv;jsess

Do you have any suggestions how I can fix this on Linux?

Is there a parameter I can set somewhere that will make sure that the right hostname will be used?

Thanks in advance.


Fixed it! I just had to add my IP and Hostname to the hosts file eventhou I was able to resolv them.

Very weird.


Yes, you need to add the IP and host name in trusted hosts. Its the firewall policy that blocks the access


I've noticed this as well, but haven't had time to dig into the issue.

At first I thought it might have been an issue with the server I was using to access On Command that we don't have Flash installed on.  When I tried from outside the Firewall, I thought it might have been the firewall blocking something.

If it matters, my installation is on RHEL 5.4.


Hi Bill,

     Is there DNS resolution between your OCUM server and the browser from which you are launching the Reports ? Else Pls add a host entry in your OCUM server you should be fine.

Let me know if this solves.




The problem has been occurerd in my environment.

There is dns resolution between my OCUM server and the client PC.

Other PCs are as same.

Please let me know anything to solve it.



      Can you give me more information on the following ?

  1. what is the version of OCUM that you are using ?
  2. What is the OS of which OCUM is installed ?
  3. What is the version of OS from which the browser is launched and its OS language like english, german etc ?
  4. What is the type and version of browser ?
  5. Can you get the output of the following cli ?
    1. dfm options list | grep -i http if your OCUM is running on Linux
    2. dfm options list | findstr /i http if your OCUM is running on Windows.




Thanks for your quick reply.

1.Edition: Standard edition of DataFabric Manager server
  Version: (5.0.2)

2.Windows Server 2k3 x86 Standard Edition sp2

3.The OS I've confirm is Win7 x86, and WinSvr2k3 sp2 x86.

  Both are Japanese version.


5.the output is as following

agentHostTransport                    http
autosupportProtocol                   https
hostAdminTransport                    http
httpEnabled                           Yes
httpPort                              8080
httpsEnabled                          No
httpsPort                             8443
perfAdvisorTransport                  httpOnly
serverHTTPEnabled                     Enabled
serverHTTPPort                        8088
serverHTTPSEnabled                    Enabled
serverHTTPSPort                       8488



   I think it may be due to the Non-english OS. Can you try with a English version of Windows ? In the meantime pls open a case with netapp as well.



Hi Adai,

Can you share resolution on this issue. I have exactly the same problem. But using two servers to manage my arrays on one of them graphic is fine other one is the same as Rich. Both servers are exactly the same config.



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