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Snapshot schedule


Can anybody tell me how I can schedule weekly snapshot at particular time ? For example, I want to create weekly snapshot on Sunday at 09:00 PM , how to do that ?



May be you can try

filer> snapvault snap sched <vol_name> <snap_name> schedule

make the snap name that doesn't match with the destination, so we have snapshots on a daily basis.

This would help you to get the exact name you need for the new snapshots.




Bummer. Is there no way to set the time for daily snapshots ? We need the daily's to be created during the afternoon instead of 00:00 at night. Around 00:00 we are running our rsync backup jobs tot the volume.


rmits - You can set the time of the hourly snapshots, just not the weeklies or nightlies.  This might accomplish what you want - and might work for the OP as well, if he doesn't mind taking the snap every day instead of once a week.

snap sched [ vol_name [ weeks [ days [ hours [ @list ] ] ] ] ]

So if you say "snap sched testvol 4 4 1@1700", you'll get 4 weeklies (taken Sunday midnight), 4 nightlies (taken at midnight), and 1 daily (taken at 1700).  If you want a weeks worth of the dailies hanging around, you can say 4 4 7@1700.  If you want a month's worth, and don't want any weeklies or nightlies (since it sounds like they would be invalid), you can say 0 0 31@1700.



Ok, this works ! Thank you for the great tip.

Now i can make a snap each day at 12:00. The are called hourly... but that doesn't matter.

Thanks again.


  %/used   %/total  date      name

----------  ----------  ------------  --------

  0% ( 0%)0% ( 0%)  Jun 07 12:00  hourly.0
  0% ( 0%)0% ( 0%)  Jun 06 12:00  hourly.1


Aha, so with the snap sched command you can accomplish more than in the gui tools ? Make's sense . I am going to try this. Will let you know. Thank you so far.


Hi Jaspreet,

     Here is the cli to set snapsched

snap sched [ vol_name [ weeks [ days [ hours [ @list ] ] ] ] ]

Sets the schedule for automatic snapshot creation. The argument vol_name identifies the volume the schedule should be applied to. The second argument indicates how many weekly snapshots should be kept on-line, the third how many daily, and the fourth how many hourly. If an argument is left off, or set to zero, then no snapshot of the corresponding type is created. Daily snapshots are created at 24:00 of each day except Sunday, and weekly snapshots are created at 24:00 on Sunday. Only one snapshot is created at a time. If a weekly snapshot is being created, for instance, no daily or hourly snapshot will be created even if one would otherwise be scheduled

But do note that daily and weekly snapshots get created only @ midnight and sunday midnight respectively.  There is no way to specify a time for both.

If you need to specify a time you can use Protection Manager or other tools.




Hi - You can set a SnapSched on the NetApp Filer using the CLI. This will set a snapshot schedule, at any time & day you want, at the volume level. You can also config snapshots using ops/protection manager and a long time ago, FilerView. What data are you wanting to snapshot and what Guest OS are you using..

If its Windows based, you could even use the Data ONTAP Powershell cmdlets if you wanted to..


You can't with the native netapp commands.  You can set the time (well, the hour) of the hourlies, but the nightlies and weeklies go at midnight.

You can set up a cron/scheduled job on another host that connects to the filer and takes the snap, either by cli or your can probably do this with snap manager or one of the other scripting tools.

If you do this you'll have to manage how the snaps get deleted as well.


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