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OnCommand Core - HA configuration


Hi, i'm in the middle of a OnCommand Core installation at two DataCenters. Both DCs are going to be active/active, and some filers are going to be replicated (Fabric-MetroCluster) and then i got two clustered arrays (FAS3250) on both sites, and they are not replicated each other. The replication process is going on top at the app level (non-relational databases).

   We need to install a OnCommand Core to use ResourcePool policies to use with OpenStack, so the main question is what's better, to had one OnCommand Core installed at each Site active/active, each of one looking at his own filers? or too had one OnCommand Core active, and then in the other DC one OnCommand Core passive? Then if something wrong goes to the OnCommand Core on the DC1, then it switches the functionality to the 2nd DC OnCommand Core. Is there any way to make this kind of install? Whats better?. I forgot to mention that we had a extended LAN between the DataCenters.

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Hi German,

              Are both these DC disaster recovery site for each other ? If so then going for an DR solution, active and passive will be best. When Disaster strikes you can switch over.

Also this eliminates the need to manage two OCUM server simultaneously and give a single pane of glass for both sites.

On the other hand if the network connectivity between the two sites are not reliable, then go for 2 OCUM server in active configuration monitoring controllers at each site.

The reason being, that OCUM uses network to monitor and if thats not reliable you will get false positives.

BTW on how to configure OCUM DR refer the following.

If your OCUM server is Windows refer the help.


Under this Help>General Help

Under this Home > Maintenance > Disaster recovery support > Overview of Disaster recovery support

If your OCUM server is on linux refer this TR.