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OnCommand(DFM) and its related Technical Reports


I have always wondered for one place from where I can access all TR related to DFM.Finally ended-up creating a doc for my self, thought it would be useful to others too,

that's the reason I am posting it on communities.

This TR describe the Best Practices that need to be followed while implementing,architect and use DFM and its suite of products.

The updated one for OnCommand 5.0 is available as KB article in the link below.

How to deploy OnCommand Unified Manager – Best Practices Guide

The TR below is as of DFM 4.0

TR 3710- Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager,and Protection Manager Best Practices Guide


This TR provides the necessary information to allow Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager, and

Protection Manager administrators to choose the correct system for hosting the DataFabric® Manager server.

And also to split them based on functionality while reaching sizing limitation.

The updated one for OnCommand Unified Manger 5.x is available as KB article in the link below

OnCommand 5.0 Sizing Guide: How to select the correct system for hosting the DataFabric Manager server

TR 3440 - Operations Manager and Provisioning and Protection Manager Sizing Guide


To efficiently manage storage capacity,storage administrators require tools to view current utilization

of the resources, change in utilization over a period of time, trend and forecast utilization in future,

charge users for the capacity utilized and alert administrators to identify and resolve imminent problems.

This document describes the various tools provided by NetApp Operations Manager for capacity-management.

Storage Capacity Management using OnCommand Operations Manager


This TR gives a step by step details on how to configure High Availability for DFM on Windows using Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) and on Linux using Veritas Cluster Server (VCS).

TR 3767-High-Availability Support for DataFabric Manager Server


This TR describe, how users can access DFM database view and export both DFM and Performance Adviser data.

Using BI tools like Crystal Report, BIRT, Cognos and any JDBC or ODBC

TR 3690 - Access to DataFabric Manager and Performance Advisor Data Using Database Access and Data Export


The Performance Adviser document referenced in this article helps in:

  • Understanding how to use     Performance Advisor to monitor and generate alerts when there is      performance degradation
  • Identifying key counters that     must be monitored and the thresholds that must be set initially

Once the user gets familiar with Performance Adviser and its capabilities in troubleshooting performance issues, the threshold values can be fine tuned

to suit the requirements. However, a better way of finding the correct threshold values for a workload is to use the base-lining feature in Performance Adviser.

A methodology for doing this is also discussed in the document.

Performance Advisor Default Performance Thresholds for Application-Specific Workloads


This TR describes how to optimize the storage space used to store performance information.

TR 3751- Managing Performance Advisor Data


This document outlines current challenges with large deployments of DataFabric Manager Server, and to propose possible

alternatives to single instances of DFM that become unresponsive or crash.  DFM deployments can consist of one to many

parts.  Those being Operations Manager, Performance Adviser, Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager.

Distributed DataFabric Manager Server Strategy


This TR explains how to set up the Disaster Recovery Support for DataFabric® Manager (DFM) Data feature without using  Protection Manager.

TR 3655 - Disaster Recovery Support for DataFabric Manager Data Using SnapDrive


This TR will help the storage administrators to follow a simple and efficient approach for storage provisioning and managing

provisioned storage in SAN deployments for NetApp® storage using NetApp Provisioning Manager

TR 3729 - Simplified SAN Provisioning and Improved Space Utilization Using NetApp Provisioning Manager


This document, we will show you how to provision storage using policies through our UI and then show the same operations

performed using our API. Also, we will address how to automate provisioning of efficient multi-tenanted storage via an

Orchestration tool, which is one of the critical needs for cloud enablement.

Storage Provisioning Integration with Orchestration Software.docx


Performance Advisor Features and Diagnosis:OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0/ 5.1 Operating in 7-Mode

This Technical Report details more into Performance Advisor Features and Diagnosis using OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0

which is applicable to OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 operating in 7-Mode as well. Since there are no changes to Performance

Advisor functionality in OC UM 5.1 for 7-Mode

Performance Advisor provides an easy-to-use interface and the ability to set performance thresholds and alerts on the key performance metrics.

This guide documents regular and routine storage performance monitoring and troubleshooting methodologies using Performance Advisor that can

be used to track performance changes in a storage system and to take corrective actions before they affect end users.

TR 4090 - Performance Advisor Features and Diagnosis:OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0/ 5.1 Operating in 7-Mode


This technical report will briefly explain the integration approaches for monitoring NetApp® storage using HP OpenView software. It will primarily address the discovery and monitoring

features provided by HP OpenView and how to integrate them with NetApp storage.Customers who have DFM server/OnCommand can enable trap forwarding and forward SNMP traps

of their storage system to HP OpenView.

TR 3688 - NetApp Storage Monitoring Using HP OpenView



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