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OnCommand / DFM data linking to Visio objects


I am investigating the possibility of linking Visio drawings / objects to the external data contained in DFM for the sake of simplicity.  Per the Visio documentation linking to an external DB relationship is possible, but I can't find anything yet from the NetApp OnCommand/ DFM resources which provides any detail about the middleware / ODBC links into the MySQL DB.  We updated to OC v5.2 recently and are also looking into migrating towards using Balance.  Any pointers / suggestions on the methods for connecting to the DFM DB would be helpful.





I have Balance running but haven't got DFM setup yet. Balance is nice for sorting issues and viewing over all performance but I've found its not great for lun/volume level stats without hooking the host into Balance too.

It's also quite a black box. I would personally push forwards with linking into DFM as my impression is that it is far more flexible and featured.


Hi Jeff,

         Pls refer  TR 3690 - Access to DataFabric Manager and Performance Advisor Data Using Database Access and Data Export\

This explains how to access the DFM DB, via a ODBC or JDBC connection. But this is restricted only to the Database views and not all data contained in the db.