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OnCommand Insight Connector - WFA 5.0


Hi All,


We use the OCI connector pack in our current version of WFA (4.2), however I am rebuilding WFA 5.0 on a new server and am unable to import the pack directly. 


The error when trying to import into WFA 5.0 is:


The version of .dar file used to import is The supported WFA version from which a .dar file can be imported is 4.1 or later.
To use the data from this .dar file, import the .dar file to WFA 4.1 and then export a .dar file in that WFA version. You can then use the new .dar file for import in this WFA version.


Since it is certified content I can't export from our current WFA instance. Will an updated version of the OnCommand Insight Connector pack be published that can be imported directly into WFA 5.0?


Thank you

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