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OnCommand Insight Data Source Service Pack Jamboree...


Last week, while I was en route to Asia, NetApp released:


Data Source Service Pack 7 for OCI 7.2.x


Data Source Service Pack 2 for OCI 7.3.0


Data Source Service Pack 1 for OCI 7.3.1


Data Source Service Packs are a way to keep your OCI data source code up to date without doing a full OCI upgrade. You download the .zip from, unzip it, and install the .patch via the OCI WebUI. Fin.


However, SP2 for 7.3.0 is the *terminal* service pack for 7.3.0. We are recommending that anyone on OCI 7.3.0 plan an upgrade to OCI 7.3.1 or higher. OCI 7.3.1 has substantial functionality and reliability enhancements that make upgrading OCI worthwhile.


Highlights of "7.3SP1" for 7.3.1:


3par 3.3.x support, RHEV 4.x support, Oracle ZFS Performance beta, extended Fujitsu model support, Data Domain 6.x fixes, 3par CPG dedupe and compression statistics reporting...