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OnCommand Insight support for EMC ECS



I would like to clarify the functionality provided by OCI in reporting the occupancy of EMC ECS.


Right now the only data available to us in OCI is the rawCapacityMB and usedRawCapacityMB for the entire storage system.

I've not managed to find any smaller granularity entities like 'bucket' or  'namespace'.

There are no volumes and no pools that belong to ECS in dwh_capacity.volume_dimension and dwh_capacity.storage_pool_dimension.


So is there a way to see more details of the ECS space usage ?

Ideally we would like to get the data of used space per 'bucket'.


Thanks you in advance



Re: OnCommand Insight support for EMC ECS


We see this  with most of our newer "data sources"  as the additon to what's being injected into OCI is a moving target.


 The inclusion of capacity, configuration, and performance metrics for the ECS data source. will enable you to capacity plan and monitor ECS devices through OCI.   This request is currently being montiored via  IFR-3553 for the ECS data source.


I'd reach out to your SE and request your company be included in this request and please be sure to include other parameter's you would like to see as well.


Scott McGowan


Re: OnCommand Insight support for EMC ECS


I believe the buckets manifest themselves in the chargeback_fact.


My peer Ketsia Pha is doing a webinar for OCI customers on Dec 19th on ECS and how it manifests itself in current OCI versions. I think if you are using other OCI cloud schema datasources, you may find this useful as they will all tend to have their data flow into the DWH in the same fashion

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